Spectacular Fireworks!!

Reviewed on 6/23/2013 Kat W

Mike is very creative and has some amazing ideas! He was great to work with very professional and accommodating. He will definitely wow your guest with an unforgettable firework show. Great way to end the night. Thank you Mike for making my fairy tale wedding come true! What a magical night!!



Flame Effect Largest so far at a Screampark!

Speculo  02-14-2011,

When Talon Falls Scream Park owner, Todd Ferren, wanted to add to his attractions he thought about the 25 foot flame effect that always thrilled his guests. He called up the company which provided such an effect, Texas Lite and Pyro. Todd knew that together, owner Mike Walling and himself could come up with the coolest (or should I say hottest) attraction that would rival Disney or Universal. Being ready for demonstration by Todd’s Pre-Convention on March 8th, they did just that.

Mike Walling designed and created one of the largest Scream Park fire effects in the country. Set up as a gas station that seems old and deserted, most likely haunted by a long dead past owner of the place. It is a scene where a car ignites in flames, then explodes with a huge fireball shooting out. The blast ignites what seems like gasoline on the ground. This trails over to the gas station itself which catches on fire. All within seconds the gas station explodes sending three huge 25ft fireballs through the air almost right above the guests. What a scare! The sound of this effect is a heart-stopper in itself.

The effect was designed, engineered and installed by internationally known pyrotechnic company, Texas Lite and Pyro. Based in Houston, Texas.  TL&P has done small and major effects for clients such as the NFL Super Bowl Halftime show, the Olympics, major music concerts and much more. The gas station effect was a permanent install with every safety regulation adhered too. The car was rigged with a custom (on-site) made flame bar while 3 flame bars cause the gas station to seem on fire. Around 16 gallons of compressed propane is used for the three 25ft window fireballs each time the effect is done.

Fire effects like this have only been seen in major amusement parks like Disney, Universal and MGM. TL&P checks for all laws, regulations and license needs in each state and county to make sure the effect meets NFPA standards. This particular effect is electronically operated with many safety features built in. Walling says that this type of effect can be designed and installed in an average of three months. Design takes more time than installation. He says most anything is possible, if you can dream it up, he can make it happen. Feel the heat from this amazing effect on March 8th, 2011.



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