1.  When should I book my reservation for services?  

      Please book as soon as you know the location and date of your venue as we will need

      to start contact with the proper authorities to obtain permits. 


2.  How much does a Fireworks display cost?   

      We have some package prices which include product, setup, firing, dismantling, basic cost

      of traveling within 75 miles and permits.   Extra miles is $1.25  / Basic permit cost is $150.00

      For most of our Fireworks Displays we use readily available 1.3g Fireworks.  By doing so we

      are able to place the Fireworks Displays closer to the audiences, reduce set up time, cost,

      liability and permit times.


3.  What is a Permit?

      Before any Fireworks Display can take place we must contact the local Fire Marshall.  They

     charge a fee in order to look at our game plan and make sure that it is safe for people and

     property.  In some cases it's easy to obtain a permit by filing some paper work and making some

     phone calls.  In other cases it takes meetings and more detail such as scaled map or diagrams. 


4.  How long does it take to get a Permit?

      Normally 1 - 3 days if all the information is available by you the customer.   Fireworks Display

      site and stage drawings if needs be.


5.  What about Safety?

      Texas Lite and Pyro uses a very advanced fire control system.  Each firework is

      independently controlled with an electric fuse.   This give us the ability to stop firing the

      display within a few seconds.  We also use multiple firing locations in case of a product

      mishap.   In multiple locations we place fire extinguishers for our staff to utilize if needs be.  We

      station staff members in key locations during the fireworks display.  During very large Firework

      Displays the Fire Marshall may need to be on hand.  In some cases fire crews and equipment

      might need to be at the ready.    Your local Fire Marshall will make that call.  If needs be you

      will be billed for their services.   (We will brief you about these cost if they apply to your needs.)


5.  How long does it take to set up a Fireworks Display?

       Depending on the size of the Fireworks Display it could take anywhere from 4 - 7 hours for a

       small to medium Fireworks Display to be set up, shot and removed.  This does not include the

       time to perform an onsite inspection, obtain the permits, travel to pick up the Fireworks or

       travel time to the Fireworks Display site.   Depending on the Fireworks Display size the larger

       the crew we bring. 


6.   Do you provide assistance to concerts or stage production companies?

       Yes, We provide all sort of Special Effects for Concerts, Stage Productions, Films and

       Commercials.   We also offer chaperon services, were we give your crews a local face with

       the Fire Marshall and a licensed staff member on set.   


 7.  What if we need to changer our date due to weather?

       In the event that weather is such that Texas Lite and Pyro, in its sole and absolute discretion,

       determines that the Service to be Rendered would be impossible, impractical or would

       unnecessarily increase the risk of damage or danger to persons and/or property, the parties

       agree to immediately hold a postponement meeting at which time an attempt to reschedule the

       Services To Be Rendered shall be discussed with a view toward reaching a mutually satisfactory

       postponement time and /or date.  Customer understands there are expenses associated with

       changing dates and / or times in regards to employees pay, travel and the permits.  Texas lite

       and Pyro will explain to you those additional expenses in the event of a postponement and let  

       you make the call if you would like to reschedule the Services.   



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