Mike Walling

Mike has been a Pyro Technician for over 30 years.  His career started in Houston, Texas at the theme park AstroWorld where he was a Jr. Pyro Technician while in high school.  After learning the ropes, Mike became lead Pyro Technician for The AstroWorld Park.  His job was to oversee the nightly fireworks display and make sure that safety was a top priority for the park's staff and their guest before, during and after the firework shows.   

In 1992 Time Warner which owned AstroWorld brought Mike back to perform their biggest Fire Works Display.  It was larger than any other Fireworks Display for a theme park at the time. At the end of 1992 Mike started, Texas Lite and Pyro.  

This is not just a job too Mike and his crews.  You could say they have a love affair for making people happy.  Mike says there is nothing in this world then to have hundreds or thousands of people clapping or screaming because they loved your work.

Today, Texas Lite and Pyro does many things when it comes to fireworks and special effects.  We have worked on hundreds of movies and videos to help supply the directors with the footage they need to wow their audiences.  We create rain, snow, fog, smoke, fire, wind, light and Mike and his crew's favorite, which is very large explosions.

4th July, New Years and Christmas is a very special time of the year at Texas Lite and Pyro.  It's when we get to display our skills on a much grander scale by sitting up large firework displays at malls, festivals, towns and cities throughout The Greater Houston area.  

Most weekends Texas Lite and Pyro crews can be found throughout The Greater Houston area making bride and groom's wedding nights extra special.  Having fireworks at your wedding will make people talk about it for a very long time and will help create ever lasting memories for you and your guest.  

When concerts come to town and feature fireworks and other special effects within their shows they call Texas Lite and Pyro.  We have the license, expertise and relationship with the Fire Marshals to make their shows run smoothly.

We also provided fireworks, confetti cannons, lasers, cryo jets, propane projectors, flame changing machines, LPG lamps, lights and other special effects for corporate events, private parties and schools.

We at Texas Lite and Pyro stand ready to help you get the party started or end it with a bang!   Call or e-mail us and tell us what we can do for you.





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